Low Calorie Beers – What’s the Point?

A couple of years ago, when I was trying to lose weight, I went camping with a group of friends. MGD 64 had just come out and a couple of my girlfriends were drinking it.  They were thrilled because it was only worth one point on Weight Watchers, and said it tasted pretty good. I decided to give it a try.  It definitely didn’t taste that good, but I figured I could drink a few beers a day, get drunk and take in only half the calories of a normal light beer.

So I drank it.  And drank it. And drank it.  And drank it.  And by the time the end of the night came around, I was still drinking shitty beer, and I STILL wasn’t drunk.

But for some reason, I thought it was just a fluke.  So the next day, I drank more.  And once again, by the end of the night, I wasn’t drunk, again.  It was pointless.

Recently, another friend of mine has taken a liking to Bud Select 55.  So I gave it a try.  While it’s slightly more tolerable than MGD 64, I know the end result, so I’ll keep away.

Now, I am of the mindset that beer has two functions.  The first is that it should be enjoyed.  Whether it’s over dinner, after a long day, or as a refreshing beverage on a lazy afternoon. When beer is used for this function, it should be full of taste and chosen carefully.

The second function of beer is to get you drunk.  This is reserved for times like a party, camping, or other various social gatherings where you’re staying in one spot for the night or have a ride home.  In this case, it doesn’t really matter what the beer tastes like, since by the third or fourth you can’t taste it anyway.  In other words, insert any beer in my cup, and I’ll be happy.

Low calorie beers, and I mean the low low calorie beers like MGD 64 or Budweiser Select 55, go against both of those functions.  Because it doesn’t get you drunk, it should, by my thinking, at least taste good, but, unfortunately, it tastes like someone pissed in a can and you drank it without realizing what it was.

So because of this, I ask, what is the point?  To lose weight and still be able to enjoy a drink?  Come on!  There’s so many better tasting ways to drink on a diet.  Bacardi and Diet Anything is better than this junk.  And there’s zero calories in that.

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