Liquor Review: Raspberry Di Amore & Licor 43

Raspberry Di Amore

On the nose: Sweet and subtle.  Want to say that I smell a hint of mint.  Cool, fresh.

Taste: Raspberry flavor is prevalent, but not heavy and overbearing.  After taste is sweet and solid.

How to drink: It would be good in a flavored martini or as an added touch to a screwdriver, mimosa, or with champagne.

Overall: Good flavoring as an ingredient in a shot or cocktail.  A little thick to drink on it’s own unless slowly sipped.

Licor 43

On the nose: Sweet, smells like cocao beans.

Taste: Silky, subtly sweet, with a vanilla and white cake aftertaste.  Taste is creamy but the texture is not.  Very nice and smooth.

How to drink: Nice in a shot on its own or mixed with a creamy liqueur.  Anything normally mixed with rum would be improved by this Spanish liqueur.

Overall: Very nice. I highly recommend substituting this in your favorite rum cocktail, and adding it to your liquor collection for experimentation.  If your local bar doesn’t have this yet, request that they order it.  If no one else will, call me, and I’ll come down and drink it.

After Thought

A combination of Raspberry Di Amore and Licor 43 may produce a rather nice shot.

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