Yeah, don’t bother

Okay, so here’s the thing.

I don’t give a shit about Blue Curaçao. Not even a little bit. It’s overrated, played up, and only popular because of its color. I thought by using it as Booze of the Week, I would find something redeemable about it. But I haven’t. Not at all. Only one drink that we tasted on Monday was decent, and I’m thinking that may be because the recipe only called for about half the BC than the other liquors used.

They even have the same label, less the names.

I was also put off that I hadn’t realized that Blue Curaçao is essentially a more exotic (read: more expensive) version of triple sec, and that triple sec is actually a type of curaçao. Here’s a tip. Triple sec is the better option. Despite being made with slightly different fruits, they literally taste the same and have the same abv. The only real difference is the color. And the price.

I also find it boring. Just plain boring. All the drinks look and taste the same, and those that don’t are too sweet, or all together horrible. I’m sorry to you Blue Curaçao drinkers out there, but your drinks suck.

I would have written something about how everyone says the name of the liquor wrong (it’s pronounced keer-a-sow, not kee-rock-o) but honestly, who cares? Your bartender knows what you mean.

So that’s that. I’m sick of mincing words. This booze sucks.

2 thoughts on “Yeah, don’t bother

  1. I bought a bottle of it when I first started mixing drinks back in college but haven’t bought one since. I have always said keer-a-sow not knowing for sure if it was correct or not, so at the very least I got that out of this article =)

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