The Ultimate Independence Day Drink: Beer

At this time of year, lots of blogs spend lots of time finding lots of drinks for you to choose from when celebrating Independence Day. Many mixologists mix up fantastic concoctions, both simple and complicated, some find the most red, white, and blue cocktails possible, which, are really a shot in the bucket on taste, and others just reiterate the same old summer cocktails you’d be drinking if it was any weekend spent barbecuing or hanging out with friends.

And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with any of it.  Booze is fun. Playing around with recipes for different times of year is how we have many of our favorite cocktails. There wouldn’t be books or websites like this one if it weren’t for the creativity of mixologists and home experimenters.

This year, however, I’ve decided to promote another kind of drink for July 4th. It’s the one that most of you will probably be drinking anyway. It’s beer.

Beer is easy. You go to the store, you pick out what you want, you buy it, you take it to where you’re drinking, and you drink it. No fancy ingredients, no over pouring. Sure, you need ice for keeping it cold, but even after that melts, it doesn’t water down your drink, and you can always get more, pretty cheaply too.

What kind of beer, you say? It doesn’t matter. Whatever you want, drink it! That’s another beauty about beer – there’s something for everyone. Yes, there are summer beers that are perfect for 4th of July – Saison, Witbier, Kolsch, Lager, Wheat – but it’s what you prefer that’s going to make the day for you.

So this July 4th, don’t let anyone make you feel bad about wanting a nice cold brew.  Just drink it, be safe, and have a great time celebrating.


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