I heart Brewdog

If you talk to me long enough about beer, you’ll learn that I have a mad crush on Scotland’s Brewdog Brewery.

The reason for my crush is pretty basic.  These guys have some great big balls.

In November of 2009, they released Tactical Nuclear Penguin, the world’s strongest beer to that date, with a total of 32% alcohol by volume (abv).  Yes, I said 32%.  That’s a little more than six times the abv of Bud Light (5.0%) and about eight times that of Miller Lite (4.2%).

Then, in February 2010, Germany’s Schorschbrau Brewery released Schorschbock, with an abv of 40%, kicking the Brewdog boys right out of first place.

Well, the guys at Brewdog refuse to be beat, and just weeks after the release of Schorschbock, they introduced a 41% abv brew called Sink the Bismarck, effectively crushing their German competition and cementing their place in beer brewing history.


How could I NOT love them?

Unfortunately, Sink the Bismarck is only available online (and is super expensive), and Tactical Nuclear Penguin is not available in any areas near me anymore (I recently moved from NYC to a small town in Indiana), but I’m confident that someday I will slowly sip the two awesome creations, as well as Brewdog’s other fantastic brews, while gazing over the marvelous Scottish countryside.  Or sitting in a pub.  Either way is fine with me.

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