Alice in Wonderland

Last weekend, Adrian and I attended the wedding of our friends – Drink Matron contributor, Matt Ponkey and his lovely bride, Andi. Adrian was a groomsman, and I had the honor of reading a poem during the ceremony.  It was beautiful, and we had an amazing time.

There was also plenty of imbibing, and, if my phone had been functional at all during the weekend, I would have posted some bar and drink pictures.  There were plenty of Drink Matron worthy moments.

I was particularly impressed with a drink that our friend Chris was sipping on after the ceremony.  He called it an Alice in Wonderland, and I am happy to say that it indeed tasted like the trippy tale.

The drink is composed of equal parts Southern Comfort, Amaretto (our bartender used Disaronno), and Grand Marnier.  Each of the ingredients does an amazing job of showing itself while complimenting the others.  While this drink should be sipped slowly (it is, after all, 100% liquor) it is surprisingly refreshing.  I liked it instantly.

Unfortunately, I’m still working on getting a liquor collection together, and I don’t have any of the ingredients to make one myself and really enjoy it.  I look forward to trying it again.

Alice in Wonderland

  • 1 part Southern Comfort
  • 1 part Grand Marnier
  • 1 part Amaretto

In an old-fashioned glass, combine the ingredients over ice.  Garnish with a cherry or orange slice.  Enjoy.

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