Drink Matron Birthday Beer Review

Good Tuesday All!

This weekend was quite an interesting one.  I had been feeling pretty bummed out about turning 30, and had done a sort of campaign to get people to come down to Indiana and celebrate with me.  While I didn’t succeed in getting all the people that I’d hoped, I convinced enough to celebrate with me that we had a nice little group consisting of Adrian (of course), the Ponkeys, our friend James, and his lady friend Erica.

From left to right: Andi, Erica, James, Matt, Adrian

What this weekend was not – a pity party for the good old Matron.  By the end of it, I forgot it even was my birthday, let alone what number it was.

What this weekend was – a celebration of good friends and a reminder that I am still quite young for my age – especially when it comes to drinking – but adult enough to handle myself with dignity, even when I’ve had more than my fair share to drink.

Along the way, I discovered a few interesting beers that I didn’t know existed, my favorite being Monty Python Holy Grail Ale by Black Sheep Brewery.  It’s just a standard ale, but COME ON!  Anything with Monty Python on it is worth keeping a case of.

Yes, that's right. Monty Python Holy Grail Ale. It's real.

I asked everyone to give me a short review of some of the beers they were drinking and this is what they came up with.

Pyramid Breweries Apricot Ale

Andi says: I didn’t expected it to be such a girly beer, but it’s very nice.  Subtle.

New Holland Dragon’s Milk

We all tried this beer, but Adrian slowly sipped this 10% abv Scotch Ale for about an hour, longer than I’ve ever seen him take to drink anything…ever.

He says: Very heavy. It’s extremely thick and potent. Terrible to drink with a meal (which he did).

Thicker than Guinness, Dragon's Milk tastes like creamy caramel


Matt says: Best winter beer ever.  It’s like slamming milk.

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat

Andi says: It actually has a real cherry flavor that takes the beer taste away.  I would most definitely recommend it to someone who doesn’t like beer.

Other beers that we tried that night (but had gotten too, um, unreliable to review) were:

Abita Brewing Co. Turbodog

Three Floyds Robert the Bruce Scottish Ale

And New Holland’s Mad Hatter IPA

Overall, we had an amazing time, and added quite a few new beers to our repertoire.

If you think we’d really enjoy a specific beer, or you’ve found something that you’d like to see on Drink Matron, please contact us at beer@drinkmatron.prjct.info.

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5 thoughts on “Drink Matron Birthday Beer Review

  1. I didn’t realize that the Dragon’s Milk had that much alcohol content. It tasted so good I almost ordered another one. I’m glad I didn’t or I would have ended a pile before we even left the bar!

    1. James,
      you wish you were cool enough to move to Valpo 🙂 Bring Erica around more often we really like her!

      AMAZING NIGHT!!! I only hope we can celebrate my 30th in such style next year 🙂

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