From Beer to Booze, Daily to Weekly

After over a year of introducing a new beer everyday, we’ve decided to switch it up.  The honest truth – I feel like I’ve been lying to you. I wanted Beer of the Day to be a communal beer drinking experience, but more often than not I was just filling the line with a beer I’d found on the internet but never tried before. For all I know, some days I was directing you to drinking the most piss tasting trash you’d ever wrapped your lips around.

But I don’t plan on doing that anymore.

Starting this Sunday, January 16, instead of Beer of the Day, we’ve decided to move forward with Booze of the Week.

Booze of the Week will feature a different liquor/booze/wine each week starting on Sunday. It will be complimented by articles featuring that alcohol, and will hopefully bring a little more depth and direction to the site. Adrian and I are both really excited about it, and hope you guys enjoy it as much as we’ll enjoy bringing it to you.

Thank you to those of you who offered your opinions on how we could improve this portion of the site. I hope this addresses the concerns you have and makes the site that much better for you.

If you have any article ideas or submissions for Booze of the Week, please email me at



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