Mr. Beer Classic American Blonde Ale

After our debacle with the Mr. Beer keg during our first batch of beer, we finally cracked open the bottles of Classic American Blonde Ale this weekend and tried them out.

The beer poured a nice light brown with a ton of carbonation. It had a nice head that didn’t hold, but it was a good consistency. In other words, we successful poured beer rather than foam. Yay us!

From the first taste, Adrian noticed that it was a little sweet, but we both agreed that it didn’t take away from the taste. It was refreshing and clean, light and full flavored, but for the most part, unexceptional.

We were relieved to find that despite our issues with the keg and having to use unconventional methods for fermentation, that the beer turned out pretty good. In fact, we had an excellent Friday and Saturday night, drinking up our successful brew in its entirety.

Next up, Cowboy Golden Lager. Adrian has sealed the leak in the keg, and we are ready to get going. We just need to be in the same place and not have 500 other things to do.

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