12 Alternative Uses for Vodka

For most people, vodka is useful for only one thing: drinking. It goes well with juices made from oranges and tomatoes, cola, and even other liquors. Very rarely do you see someone pulling out a bottle of vodka to scrub the walls or freshen clothes. Surprisingly, vodka can be used for just that, and more. Check out these 12 ways to use vodka that don’t include drinking it.

Clean Bathrooms and Showers

Fill a spray bottle with straight vodka and spray on molding areas like the caulking around the bathtub or the mildew on the shower curtain. Let it set for around five minutes and wash off.

Cleaning Eye Glasses

To kill the germs and get rid of stains on your eye glasses, apply a small amount of vodka to a wash cloth and rub on the lenses. No one ever told you vodka could help you see clearly.

Clean Vomit Stains

Using vodka to clean up a vomit stain may feel a little ironic, but not only does it work, it will sanitize the area as well. Fill a spray bottle with vodka and spray on the stain, scrub with a brush and blot dry with a cloth.

Make Your Hair Healthier

Clean your scalp and stimulate hair growth by adding a half shot of vodka to your shampoo. Your hair will be healthier and toxin-free.

Kill Bugs

Fill a spray bottle with vodka and set on stream to kill bees, hornets and other pesky bugs.

Dry Out Cold Sores

Use a cotton swab to apply vodka to a cold sore. It will help dry it out.

Alleviate Foot Odor

In a wash bin, wash your feet with vodka. It will cleanse away the scent and leave your feet odor free.

Cure a Jellyfish Sting

A welcome alternative to curing a jellyfish sting, pour vodka on the area to disinfect it and calm the sting.

Cure Poison Ivy

Pour vodka over the poison ivy affected area to clear your skin of the poison oil.

Keep Flowers Fresh

Put a couple of drops in a vase with water and one teaspoon of sugar. This will minimize the bacterial growth and provide lost nourishment to the flowers. It will also help them last longer.

Freshen Up Dirty Clothes

Spritz dirty clothes with vodka and hang dry in a ventilated place. It will kill odor-causing bacteria and not leave a rancid scent.

Make a Homemade Salve

Fill a glass jar with fresh lavender flowers, then top off with vodka. Seal the lid tightly and place in the sun for three days. Strain the resulting liquid through a filter. It makes a homemade remedy to rub into your aches and pains.

The original article was written for Suite101 in November 2009 by Jessica Spengler. Any permission for republication must be obtained, in writing, from the author.

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