Bar Profile: Nutini’s Supper Club, Hancock, MI

If you are ever in the Houghton area, people will recommend plenty of the restaurants and bars in the area that have that great meal or drink. Seldom, and unfortunately, will you ever hear anyone utter the name “Nutini’s” in their recommendations.

Hidden right under everyone’s nose, Nutini’s Supper Club is a restaurant/bar located in downtown Hancock, Michigan. It is probably Hancock’s best kept secret.

There really isn’t anything special about Nutini’s, they don’t have a signature dish or a special drink.  But what they do serve is recipes that probably haven’t changed in the past 70 years made by hand from fresh ingredients. From sandwiches to steaks, enchiladas to pizza, they have a variety of food that is above par for most restaurants. They make a fantastic reuben and I have dreams about the philly cheese steak pizza on sour dough.

Walking through the door into Nutini’s is like walking through a portal directly into the 1950’s. Raised booths with subdued red, overstuffed, faux-leather benches, wood veneer over all the walls, and low lighting except behind the bar all contribute to an overall intimate ambience. Because very few people know about Nutini’s or are unwilling to make the trek from Houghton (a paltry three miles), there is generally not a lot of patrons at any given time and those that are there are generally on a first name basis with each other and the bartender.

Nutini’s is the kind of place you go with friends to share a pint and a conversation without it getting to loud or having the obnoxious bar hoppers interfering.  In essence, Nutini’s is the perfect local for a permanent resident (or visiting alum).

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