Discovery’s Brew Masters Canceled?

Let me start by saying that I hate how alarmist the Internet can be and I don’t subscribe to that sort of journalism.  That being said I would be remiss if I didn’t say that all of this is UNCONFIRMED at this time.

This fall, Discovery came out with a new show called Brew Masters which follows Sam Calgione, founder of Dogfish Head Brewery, and his staff while they take care of the day to day operation of a microbrewery as well as discovering new and exciting beers to bring to the public.  If you enjoy beer at all, this show can be informative and entertaining.  Unfortunately, the Internet is currently awash in speculation that the show has been canceled after only 5 episodes have aired and a 6th being aired some time in June.

After having seen Beer Wars, which really introduced Sam Calgione to the public spotlight, I really looked forward to Brew Masters airing.  I think craft beer brewing and microbreweries are interesting and Sam is a guy with a really unique personality and the show is better for it.

The blog has posted this quote from a Discovery spokesperson :

[Discovery Channel] is working on completing the final episode #6 of Brew Masters.  It will be airing by early spring.  They have NOT cancelled the show.  Brew Masters was slated for an initial 6 episode run.  Once the 6 are completed, Discovery Channel & Dogfish Head will evaluate the response and future direction.

While that leaves hope that the show may continue, it sounds to me like they’ve pretty much written it off.

Further, Anthony Bourdain, host of another Travel Channel show No Reservations, hinted at the fact that Brew Masters was canceled because Big Beer threatened to pull their ads from the Travel Channel if the show remained on the air.  This could just be speculation on his part, but No Reservations is produced by the same company as Brew Masters (Zero Point Zero Productions) so it’s possible he knows a thing or two about a thing or two.

Whether or not this show gets canceled, you should still watch the existing episodes and if you like it, go check out Beer Wars too!

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