The Many Flavors of Captain Morgan

How many varieties of Captain Morgan are there?  If you said “one” then you’ve been living under a rock!  But seriously, there are nearly a dozen different brands of rum that sail under the flag of that dread pirate.

Private Stock

Captain Morgan Private Stock is made from premium reserve rum, mixed with higher grade, mellower spices and then barrel-aged for at least two years.  The high quality of the ingredients coupled with the barrel aging gives this rum a more complex, robust flavor than the original.  It might make your mixed drink taste smoother, but you’ll be losing more of the nuance than it’s worth.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a big rum fan.  It’s usually to sweet and leaves a filmy feeling in my mouth after drinking it, but I’ve gotta say that I don’t mind Private Stock one bit.  I’ve enjoyed it one the rocks before and didn’t hate the experience.

100-Proof Spiced Rum

It’s interesting that Captain Morgan has a 100 proof variety, since rum is really where the proof measurement originates.  Ships used to be mandated to carry barrels of rum with them on voyages and it was required that each barrel be tested to ensure the was enough alcohol in each batch of rum.  This was achieved by lighting the rum on fire, if it could sustain combustion it was said to be “100 degrees proof” spirits and fit for travel on the Seven Seas. (Anybody currently yelling at their computer right now about how wrong I am: Yes I know there is more to it than that, but I’m not expounding on it in this article)

Lime Bite

As advertised, Captain Morgan Lime Bite is a white rum with a hint of lime added to give it a more “tropical” flavor, and to be honest what rum drink doesn’t taste better with a little lime juice?

I guess this is for people who hate cutting limes to garnish their drinks.  It’s exactly what they advertise.  If you were to buy a bottle of Silver Spiced Rum and pour some lime juice into it, you would get Lime Bite.  The problem I have with something like this, is there’s no way to vary the amount of lime (unless you want more lime).

Original Spiced

The rum Garth Brooks wrote a song about, the flagship of the line – it’s what everyone wants with their Coke.  This “product of Jamaica” was originally manufactured by the Seagram’s company in Puerto Rico.  I bet they’re kicking themselves for selling the brand so many years ago.

I’d go so far as to say that this is the iconic rum worldwide.  I can’t think of another rum that I’ve heard someone call for, and every bar may vary what rums they have on hand, but they ALWAYS have that carefree bearded man in red staring down at you from the back bar.

Long Island Iced Tea

Of any drink I can think of, the Long Island Iced Tea has the most number of ingredients.  Captain Morgan has conveniently bottled up equal parts of rum, vodka, whiskey, gin and triple-sec to make a pre-mixed Long Island Iced Tea.  Just splash some Coke on top and you can commence to jigglin’.

I’m citing this product as my argumentem ad populum proof that tequila doesn’t belong in a Long Island Iced Tea (take that Drink Matron!).  I imagine this is something for the folks who don’t like mixing their own drinks.  I’m fine with this as a product for home use, but be forewarned bar owners!  If I see this being used in a bar, I’m boycotting the place!

Silver Spiced

Infuse a white rum with the same secret blend of Caribbean spices that are in the original recipe and you get Captain Morgan Silver Spiced Rum.  This rum has that same smooth, sweet, vanilla flavor as the original, just lighter and drier.

I don’t think I can emphasize enough that I’m not particular to rum because of its inherent sweetness, but I think I would be a fan of Silver Spiced rum.  It’s a bit drier than other rums and might suit my pallet a little better.


In a time when Jägermeister was the king of the bar and club circuit, Tattoo was the Captain Morgan response to that craze.  Described as “dark and mysterious,” it still retains its title as a rum, but there’s enough additives to make it taste nothing like a rum (plus they don’t age it).  Ultimately, you end up with a raspberry/herbal liqueur flavor (kind of like if you mixed Chambord with Jägermeister) that will make the juiceheads keep coming back for more.  Yes, I know I’m stereotyping Jägermeister drinkers, but I can’t help but visualize this only being popular in a darkened night club.

Parrot Bay

Parrot Bay is the Captain Morgan brand of flavored rums.  Available in coconut, mango, pineapple passion fruit, key lime, strawberry, and orange.  Talk about your sickly-sweet spirits.  Parrot Bay rum is designed to be mixed into a cocktail, usually the big, tropical/tiki drinks.  Though it’s probably a favorite with the people who don’t like the taste of alcohol, much like puckers or schnapps with more alcohol. If you like flavored rums for this reason, I don’t care how old you are, I’m calling you a 13 year old girl.


As with any other spirit, if rum is aged longer in a barrel, the color will get darker.  Captain Morgan Dark Rum is aged for a bit longer than the Original Spiced Rum, letting the characteristics of the oak come through a little stronger.

Deluxe Dark

Captain Morgan Deluxe Dark is a mixture of Captain Morgan Dark Rum and a blend of Canadian rums.  This product is only available in Canada.


I was always taught that when mixing a cocktail you should use white rum over any other variety, unless it is specifically called for.  That way, the flavor of the rum doesn’t overpower the rest of the cocktail and the nuance of flavor of the rum isn’t lost in a sea of other flavors.  Captain Morgan only sells this product outside the U.S.  My theory why they don’t sell this in the U.S. is because Bacardi has made white rum their niche and they’ve filled it so heavily, that it has to be difficult to make a profit on any other premium white rum.


There are three main varieties of rum – white, dark, and gold (or amber).  Gold rum is barrel-aged, but not as long as dark rum.  The only difference between Captain Morgan Gold and Captain Morgan Original is the spices: they aren’t present in this product.  With as many varieties of rum that Captain Morgan makes and distributes, I find it surprising that they don’t distribute a plain gold rum in the U.S.

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