Kallman throws in the towel on New Century Brewing

Rhonda Kallman, co-founder of Boston Beer Company, has given up on New Century Brewing.

If you’ve seen Beer Wars, you may remember Kallman, who was trying (with great difficulty) to get her caffeinated beer, Moonshot, not only into bars and restaurants, but into the sight of Big Beer companies like Budweiser. Even a meeting with her former partner, Jim Koch, lead to disappointment.

You may also remember Kallman after the FDA banned all alcoholic drinks containing caffeine, which, of course, included Moonshot. She took to the media and (understandably) stood up for her product. Of course, this was, again, in vain.

Both of New Centuries products, Moonshot and Edison Light, failed to make any waves in any beer circles, creating an even bigger problem when Kallman lost half of her business. It seems that she knew it was finally time to throw in the towel.

We wish her the best of luck on any new ventures she may embark, and hope the next one is much more successful.


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