Bacon Infused Scotch

Scotch week has come at a very inconvenient time for us, since we’re broke and Scotch costs money. This further inconveniences me because I was excited to do some infusing of bacon and Scotch and tell you all about it.

I got the idea from a spectacular website called, a site run by some seriously brilliant folks who love bacon and Scotch. They in turn found a recipe for bacon infused Scotch from Girl + Fire = Food, that makes even my less-than-thrilled-about-Scotch tastebuds poke me in anticipation.

So, even though I won’t be infusing anything this week (eventually I will though, and explain every exciting detail), I thought I’d share the recipe with my (possibly) better funded readers. If you do make it, please send me pics or a review of how it turns out and I’ll post it here!

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Bacon Infused Scotch

3-4 strips fatty bacon
1 tablespoon freshly rendered bacon fat
1 bottle of scotch

1. Fry up the bacon. Save a tablespoon of bacon fat. Eat the bacon. (If 3-4 strips doesn’t give you a full tablespoon, fry some more!)

2. Pour the scotch into a clean, wide-mouth container. You don’t want to put the bacon fat in the alcohol’s original bottle because some might get stuck in there, which leads to floating fat globules and that’s not pretty.

3. Let the mixture marinate overnight.

4. The next morning, stash the mixture in the freezer. Scotch doesn’t freeze, but the fat will. After a few hours, the fat will be solid, making it very easy to fish out. Even easier if you used a wide-mouth container.

5. Strain the alcohol back into its original bottle.

Drink up my lovelies! (that’s from me, DM)

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