Jagerbombs: Shots or Nots

I wanna take a little moment with all of you and talk about Jagerbombs.

Now, I was already bartending when Red Bull became popular, and so I have probably mixed more Red Bull vodkas than any other drink, with Jagerbombs being a very close second.

To me, Jagerbombs are a shot. No, they aren’t your classic shooter in a one ounce shot glass, and they take longer than .5 seconds to drink, but if one were going to classify them under any category in the drinking vernacular, I’d go with shot. Of course they are the king of their very own sub category, bomb shots, but again, shot is the operative word.

So imagine my surprise when a reader of mine commented that I had no idea what I was talking about when I included Jagerbombs in a list of 21st birthday shots. They most clearly stated, “I don’t know why you would include Jagerbombs on this list. Jagerbombs aren’t shots!”


Who is this person and where do they live that Jagerbombs aren’t shots? Or, an even better question, how long is it taking them to drink a Jagerbomb that they don’t consider it a shot? Do they know that I’m not talking about a mixed drink of Jager and Red Bull? Have they ever HAD a Jagerbomb?

Clearly they haven’t watch countless groups of college coeds and fraternity boys slurp them down in three to five seconds and then order another round. Clearly they’ve never seen the specially made bomb shot glasses that make mixing Jagerbombs faster and easier. Clearly they’ve never had five people at their bar trying to decide what shot to have and suddenly someone yells out “Jagerbombs!”

Or maybe I’m wrong. Nah, can’t be.

What do you think? Do you agree with me that Jagerbombs are a shot, or do you think my reader is correct and that Jagerbombs cannot be classified in this category?


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