Some random thoughts on wine

I really don’t know much about wine – just that I like to drink it. It’s one of those things that as a drink writer, I kind of feel bad about, but the truth is, I start to do any research about it, and it’s suddenly two hours later and I’m waking up in a puddle of my own drool. It’s not that I don’t respect wine and the wine making process – I totally do – I just can’t get into the importance of soil and temperature and old world vs new world. Just give me some wine and I’ll tell you if it tastes nice or if I’d rather die a slow death than drink it.

What I do like about wine is the taste. I don’t just mean the on-the-surface taste that makes or breaks a wine for me, I mean the subtle flavors and textures and differences of every individual bottle. Yes, I understand that this is directly tied to the soil and temperature and old world vs new world, but I don’t care. I don’t need to know why my wine tastes like it does, I just like that I get to put it in my mouth.

Now what I would like to learn more about and plan to do more research on (and will probably not fall asleep during due to risk of choking) is wine and food pairing. I enjoy eating and drinking and would love to mix the two in my daily life. Thankfully I have a terrific partner for this task – Adrian is splendid at pairing all boozes with the right food. His pallet is excellent, and he’s a great teacher. But I’d like to go a little beyond what he already knows. I think it would be fun.

This week I am super excited because we’ve decided to focus on my favorite style of wine – Cabernet Sauvignon. I plan to spoil myself silly with several large and fanciful glasses and to spend nearly all of next Sunday trying to get the stains off my lips. Maybe I’ll even learn a little bit about the Cab Sauv grape and its hardy vines.

Or maybe I’ll just drink more.


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