Review: Bloody Swan from the Black Swan Pub & Restaurant

Since we moved back to New York, I’ve been avoiding a lot of the restaurants in our neighborhood because I really didn’t know what I’d be walking into. But alas, last weekend, we were jonesing for some brunch and didn’t want to go very far.  Enter the Black Swan on Bedford Ave. It’s only about 3 blocks from our apartment, has amazing reviews on Yelp, and a great looking beer menu. Plus they have this unreal looking Bloody called the Bloody Swan, that’s garnished with everything but the kitchen sink.

The bar itself was quite wonderful. The dark wood paneling and high ceilings give it a lived in atmosphere that I really like in bars. When you walk in, you’re greeted by a nice sized bar with more stools than I’ve ever seen, and several TVs that, from what I understand, play European football all day long.

A long hallway separates the bar from the restaurant area, which is populated with wood crafted tables, chairs, and booths. Above the seating is an extremely high ceiling with a massive skylight, giving patrons a peak at some local foliage.

The waitresses were very friendly, and their service was fantastic. We order our drinks right away, both of us deciding to get the Bloody Swan.

We received our Swans and were a bit wowed by everything included. Of course there was your standard lemon, olive, and pickle, but also a square of white cheddar cheese, a cocktail onion, some shrimp, and (hells yes) a strip of crispy bacon.  Of all the garnishes, the bacon was the best, follow by the olive and the cheese, but really the rest were nothing to write home about.

The glass was rimmed with a thick coat of pepper, which I thought was a bit much, but could forgive. The perfectly crimson liquid was sparced with a mixture of what I’m convinced was pickle juice and small amounts of horse radish.

Initially the drink was perfect.  Slightly peppery, the perfect amount of heat, not too salty, nice, and subtle. Being a Wisconsin girl, I’m used to a little glass of beer on the side, and believe me, this could have used it. A nice wash to cut some of that nice heat.

As the drink went on; however, the peppery taste got a little bit overwhelming. The drink became less about enjoying it and more about getting through it.  I’m usually a two Bloodys kinda girl, but not that day.

That being said, I’m pretty sure I’d have it again next time I go to the Black Swan. I’m hoping that day the bartender was just a little heavy handed with the pepper.

As for the food, it was unbelievable. Both of cleared our plates in about five minutes.  Definitely worth the trip.

Check out the Black Swan yourself!

Black Swan Pub & Restaurant
1048 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205

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