What’s in a name? Dark ‘n’ Stormy

Fun fact about the Dark ‘n’ Stormy – it’s trademarked.

That’s right my lovelies, Gosling’s rum has a patent for the original recipe, which makes it so a drink can only be called a Dark ‘n’ Stormy (or Dark and Stormy, or Dark & Stormy) if it includes Gosling’s rum and adheres to the specific ingredient amounts. So, if your bartender serves you up a Dark ‘n’ Stormy with Meyer’s rum, it’s not really a Dark ‘n’ Stormy.

The reason, Gosling’s has said, is that the drink itself has a particular taste when ginger beer is mixed with Gosling’s Black Seal that it does not have with other rums.

Owner E. Malcolm Gosling Jr. has been quoted as saying “People will try one with some other rum, and then say, what’s the big deal with this drink? That’s a real concern.”

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