Vodka Infusion Update

Well, it turns out I am absolute piss at infusing vodka. The blueberry infusion barely infused besides in color, and while the banana infusion worked very nicely for taste, it was so murky I don’t think I could get anyone to drink it if I paid them. There was also an unfortunate and quite embarrassing situation in which I dumped the banana out on accident, so there won’t be any pics to prove how absolutely worthless this first attempt went.

Below, however, is a picture of the blueberry infusion. As you can see, the coloring is quite nice (although this pic doesn’t show it as much as I’d like). Unfortunately, the taste is very thin and there really wasn’t much left after I took the blueberries out.

Improvements that I will implement next time are as follows:

  • A better filtering system for the banana vodka. Most likely a coffee filter to pull out the murkiness.
  • Use more berries. I didn’t want to overdue it, and only put in about two handfuls of berries, clearly there should be more.
  • But up the berries into smaller sections in order to release juices better and get a better flavor.
  • Use more vodka
  • Follow directions more closely

If any of you have any tips for better vodka infusion, please feel free to comment or contact me at


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