On the tenth day of Christmas, Drink Matron gave to me: Beer kits for brewin’!

Looking for a last minute gift or family project for Christmas day? Why not get a beer kit and brew some beer? Most home brew stores have small (and large, if you want to go big!) batch brewing kits that take approximately three hours to make. Here are Adrian’s and my favorites.

Drink Matron’s Favorite

brooklyn brew shopBrooklyn Brew Shop

Brooklyn Brew Shop popped up a few years ago, armed with one goal: make brewing beer easy. Their one gallon beer kits give you the chance to make high quality all-grain beer no matter how small your kitchen.

The kit includes a one gallon fermenter, bottling equipment, a thermometer, and your choice of mix for $40. You can also buy extra mixes for future brewing. Mixes included grains, hops, yeast, and and spices when needed. After that, all you need is a free afternoon and BAM! you’re making beer. They also have five gallon kits and mixes if you want more beer, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want more beer?

You can find kits and mixes on their website, or check your local bottle shop or local whole foods.

Adrian’s Favorite

midwest logoMidwest Supplies

It’s not just one kit, it’s all kits at Midwest. They’ve got everything you need from one gallon brewing kits to kegerator parts. No matter how you want to brew, all grain or extract, they are your one stop shop, especially if you don’t have a home brew store near you.

Midwest was the first brewing website Adrian ever used and due to the quality of their products and the integrity of the business itself, he’s remained loyal to them for nearly 10 years.

Midwest also provides wine, cheese, liqueur, soda, coffee, mead, and hot sauce making supplies. Seriously! This site is awesome.

Both of us recommend…

Your local home brewing store

If you’d like something a little more local than a website, check out your local home brewing store. They provide the product and are staffed by experts who can help you find exactly what you need, no matter your skill level.

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