Alcohol Myths Debunked

So much is said about the consumption of alcohol, that it may be difficult to separate fact from fiction. Study these myths to understand more about drinking.

Alcohol is the devil. Alcohol kills brain cells. Alcohol will make you gain weight. Don’t drink that with this! Don’t worry, you can just drink a bunch of coffee to sober up. These are all famous alcohol myths propagated by years of rumor and scare tactics. But what is the truth?

Beer Before Liquor, You’ll Get Sicker – Liquor Before Beer, You’re in the Clear

If this were true, no one would ever have a bad morning after. The fact is, it doesn’t matter what type of liquor you drink, the percentage of alcohol in your blood, or your blood alcohol content (BAC), is the real factor in how drunk you get. A single serving of beer or wine and a shot of liquor all contain the same amount of alcohol. Too much of any combination will make you sick.

I Can Sober Up Whenever I Want

Time is the only thing that can sober you up, no matter how 15 cups of coffee, a long cold shower or a big breakfast from Denny’s make you feel. Typically, the liver can process about one ounce of alcohol per hour, based on pure alcohol.

Drinking Makes You Gain Weight

A beer belly is not a beer belly after all. Weight gain from excessive use of alcohol is one of the most believable myths out there. However, research shows that alcohol does not cause weight gain in men, and actually contributed to a weight loss in women.

Alcohol Kills Brain Cells

During the temperance movement, it was often said that alcohol will kill brain cells. Throughout the decades, this myth has persisted, but scientific research has shown that the moderate consumption of alcohol is associated with better cognitive skills and memory than abstaining from alcohol. In other words, moderate drinking actually improves thinking, reasoning and memory.

People in the United States Drink More Than Other Countries

Many people believe that the United States drinks far more than other countries. In fact, the U.S. isn’t even close to the top 10 alcohol consuming countries. The ingrained promotions of the temperance movement that proclaimed that alcohol was bad, as well as having clean drinking water contribute to the U.S. being rank between 32 and 35 on the list.

The Top 10 alcohol consuming countries are:

Czech Republic

Alcohol may be a part of daily life in the United States, but it is not as large of a problem as much of the general public believes it to be.

The myths of alcohol are often given life in order to scare the general public, promote new thinking or to give excuses for drinking too much. But alcohol can be enjoyable and good for you if consumed moderately. By carefully researching facts and separating myths from truth, the use of alcohol can become more enjoyable. As always, when drinking, be responsible. Drink in moderation and use a designated driver, just in case.

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