Drink Matron’s Top 5 Craft Beers

bells-oberonI love craft beer. If you find me in a bar, you will most likely find me with whatever local brew they have on tap. I’m not a dick about it, I just like beer and I like drinking stuff I’ve never had before. I wasn’t always that way, I drank Bud Light religiously for much of my early 20s. It wasn’t until I realized the bevy of what was out there, and the difference between what I liked and didn’t, that I put down the watery standard. Along the way, I’ve picked up some favorites, and since it’s National Beer Day, I thought I’d share them with you. I do not have the kind of pallet that can give you any real incite into why I like what I like, but I think my preferences are pretty solid.

1. Oberon Ale/Bell’s Brewery, Inc.

Bell’s Brewery’s summer seasonal is not only the first craft beer I ever loved, it also remains my favorite to this day. Smooth and fruity, it’s perfect for any summer night, especially one on the patio. I’ve been missing this brew, but now that Bell’s has come to NYC, you can be sure it will be back in my hand.

2. Baba Organic Black Lager/Uinta Brewing Company

This black lager hooked me the moment it touched my lips. It’s dark and creamy, but also light weight and straight up tasty. You can bet that if it’s on tap, it’s in my glass.

3. Duvel/Duvel Moortgat

It’s Duvel. Do I have to say more?

4. 90 Minute IPA/Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Of Dogfish’s minute brews, I have found that 90 minute suits me best. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take 120 any day – I like any strong IPA – but this one is just right for me.

5. Two Hearted IPA/Bell’s Brewery, Inc.

It wasn’t named the best IPA in the world for nothing. If you’ve never had it, you’re either a) not in an area where it’s distributed or b) crazy or c) not into IPAs (and that’s okay, but you should still try it). The next time you see this on tap/in a store/at a bbq, etc, drink it.


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  1. I am a fervent worshipper of Oberon. As any Michigander rightly should be. That being said? Best summer beer I’ve ever had was last week at Perrin Brewing Company. Called “Ain’t No Sunshine”. Just phenomenal!

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