Snopacalypse, or as we like to call it Boozepocalypse

So here we are, stuck inside after the midwest “blizzard.”

I’ve shoveled a path to the road in case we feel like getting pizza delivery and as a courtesy to our mail man, just in case poor Glen has to work today.

The path from our house to the road

I also threw our dog around a little bit in the snow. Later I plan to build a fort, possibly with tunnels, and throwing snowballs at the college kids next door. It’s gonna be awesome. I just need some snowpants.

While we’re stuck inside, however, we’ve been taking advantage of our work vacation and enjoying some of the best tasting cocktails we can think of (and have the booze for). Beer has been essential, and for mixers we’ve been trying to stick with Jack drinks, but I’m really jonesing for a hot buttered rum, and I’m hoping I can get Adrian up from the couch to make me one (come on, I shoveled). So far, my efforts have been fruitless. Or boozeless, really. La sigh. I guess I’ll just have to do it.


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