Jack Daniel’s Label Revamped

Last month Brown-Forman, owner of the Jack Daniel’s distillery, announced that they would be changing the classic Old No. 7 bottle label to “clean up” the label and that the new bottles would be seen in stores starting in July 2011.  July isn’t quite here, but the new label design has been released.  I have to say that I like the new label, it looks less cluttered and a bit more refined without being to modern.  I think they did a wonderful job of updating the label without changing it.

Old Label
Old Jack Daniel's Label
New Jack Label
New Jack Daniel's Label

One thought on “Jack Daniel’s Label Revamped

  1. I was pretty worried about this.  Changing one of the most classic labels of all times is dangerous territory.  I still don’t think it should have been changed, but that is just the old man part of me talking.  They actually did a pretty good job in my opinion.


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