Brandy colored memories

When I was a kid, my mom drank Brandy. It sticks out in my mind – the bottle of E&J on the counter, waiting until the next time people came over to the house. I remember the smell of it – she drank it mixed with water – the sweet, dry aroma of the Brandy mixed with the wet coolness of cold well water and ice cubes.

Because of this, Brandy holds a special place in my heart. Not that I drink it myself. While as a child that smell marked special occasions and visits from beloved aunts and uncles, as an adult I’ve never had much of a taste for overly potent flavored boozes. However, when the cooler months roll around and it’s time for seasonal warmers like the Tom and Jerry, and Christmas treats of Brandy soaked chocolate covered cherries, I’m reminded just how comforting this lovely spirit can be.


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