Easy Camping Cocktails for Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and for many of you that means it’s the first big camping holiday of the year. When I think of camping, it’s drinking that comes to my mind. While beer is most definitely the easiest way to imbibe while enjoying the great outdoors, there are plenty of mixers that are perfectly simple and even easy to pack. If you only have room for one bottle, that’s okay! Muddling, shaking, straining, and garnishing aren’t always necessary when you have the right combinations.


The most complicated drink on our list, the beergarita is perfect for those of you who are looking for a different take on the standard margarita. Plus, maybe those beer lovers at your campground will enjoy it. If you don’t have a blender, you can always mix this on the rocks, it’s just as nice, maybe even better.


1 oz gold tequila
1 oz triple sec
1 oz lime juice
12 oz bottle Corona® lager

Mix all ingredients except the lager in a blender with ice. Pour into a large pilsner/pint glass, then add the Corona (which should be chilled) over the top. Garnish with a slice of lime, and serve.

Cuba Libre

Sometimes I think they named the Cuba Libre because “rum and coke” doesn’t sound as nice.


1 part rum*
1 part cola

Combine in a cup over ice.

*Whiskey is a good alternative.

Dark N’ Stormy

Ginger beer is so refreshing, and rum relaxing, that the combination may put you in a vacation mode immediately.


1 part dark rum
1 part ginger beer

Pour ginger beer in a cup over ice. Add rum. Mix with your straw as you drink, slowly combining rum and ginger beer to create the best taste.


You probably packed orange juice for breakfast anyway.


1 part vodka
1 part orange juice

Combine in a cup over ice.


If you don’t have orange juice, you probably have grapefruit juice.


2 parts vodka
1 part grapefruit juice

Combine in a cup over ice.


This is one that you probably should garnish. Cut up a lime and toss a few slices in.


2 parts gin*
1 part lime juice

Combine in a cup over ice.

*Alternatively, vodka can be used.

Gin and Ginger

Since you’ve got that ginger beer already…


2 parts gin
1 part ginger beer

Combine in a cup over ice.

Whiskey Sour

Nice and refreshing.


2 parts whiskey
1 part sour mix

Combine in a cup over ice.

Bourbon Sweet Tea

In the afternoon, nothing is better than sitting around the picnic table having a nice refreshing sweet tea. Why not liquor it up?


2 parts bourbon
2 part flavored sweet tea

Combine bourbon and your choice of flavored sweet tea in a cup over ice. If you’re garnishing, garnish with lemon.

Foodie extra


A new take on an old classic. Recipe courtesy of Andi Ponkey.


Irish Cream

Dip marshmallows in Irish cream before roasting. Instead of graham crackers, place the marshmallow between two sides of an Oreo.


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