Beach Drinks: The Pink Slip

beach cocktail
It’s been a cool spring so far, but that doesn’t mean we’re not thinking about the beach. Before you know it, the humidity is going to climb, the sun is going to beat down and begin the torment that can only lead to two things: the beach and cold cocktails. Together, the two are what make summer bearable, so why not enjoy them together? This year, we will tip our hats to the combination in our summer beach cocktail series.

This week, we feature a bubbly pink cocktail made with rum, cranberry juice, and champagne. An excellent drink for summer, the Pink Slip can (and should) be enjoyed with friends as you relax in your beach chairs and gaze at the water.

The Pink Slip


1 part coconut rum
1 part cranberry juice

Chill ingredients. Combine coconut rum and cranberry juice in a glass*. Top with champagne. Enjoy!

*Tip: Prepare the coconut rum and cranberry juice before heading to the beach, and just add the champagne to individual glasses as you pour! Saves time and room!


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